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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pizza Month Continues

Hello friends, and welcome back to my continuing adventures.  As previously mentioned, for the month of May, I have committed to trying a new "bar style" pizzeria each Saturday.  The second Saturday of May, May 9, I honored my noble commitment and ventured to New Hyde Park, Long Island.,  Keep in mind, adventure lovers, this was after dining at not one, but two Nepalese restaurants in Jackson Heights, Queens, then venturing East to the taco parlors of Roosevelt Avenue, where tacos were feasted on.  Yes, most would have yielded and begged for mercy from yet more food and adventure, but I've always said it's not an adventure unless there's a reasonably good chance of rupturing your intestines, and so on I pressed.  I boarded a Long Island Rail Road train and journeyed to New Hyde Park. The Nepalese and Mexican spices bubbled and sizzled inside of me as the train bounced to-and-fro, creating explosions of noxious gases which filled the train car.  Screams were heard and children cried.  When New Hyde Park was reached I bid my new friends goodbye and made the 1.5 mile walk to Eddy's, where I ordered a plain bar pie.  It was good, but to be honest I've achieved similar or better results using the "tortilla method."  Eddie's was a fine Long Island establishment, a place I'd be happy to return to, but the bar pizza, while crisp and enjoyable, was not transcendent.

Lali Guras
Taco place I don't remember the name of