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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Adventures in Pizza

It was a sultry summer Harlem evening.  The National Weather Service was calling for a possible severe thunderstorm, and as I walked I could indeed see disturbing cloud formations, energies brewing with potential.  But lo, on the other side of the sky, there was sun breaking through pinkish clouds, so I knew not what to expect. I headed out in search of pizza and adventure.  I often bemoan the state of poor pizza in Harlem, or just no pizza at all.  And there's some truth to it: in Central Harlem there is really not much pizza.  But I decided I must thoroughly test out the pizza which does exist.  First stop: Oui, Oui, a shop specializing in crepes and pizza.  Various crepes were to be had, and various pizzas were being peddled, but I chose a plain slice.  It was not a bad slice at all and cost $2.  I then continued walking in search of more adventure.  Check beck soon to hear more about my adventures.

Oui, Oui
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd