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Monday, April 27, 2015

Adventures in Fried Chicken

Adventure 1: Bara.  Bara is a modern, cool, Japanese-inspired place in the East Village.  Fried chicken is ordered there.  It's also served there.  The fried chicken is served with three different sauces.  The crust is good.  The meat is not bad.  The sauces are the sauces.  There are people at Bara - cool people.  Look how cool we are.  We're eating fried chicken in the East Village.  The fried chicken is pretty good.  I will never go back.

Cost: $18 for the chicken, no sides
Adventure rating: Low
Fried chicken rating:  Above average

Adventure 2: John's Fried Chicken.  John's Fried Chicken is a crappy place in the Dominican section of Inwood.  It's inspired by Dominican stuff.  Fried chicken, same as above, is ordered and served.  The crust is quite nice -- craggy with a pleasantly subtle moistness.  The meat is flavorful and "well-garlicked." If it had been fried to order, it would have been even better than it was.  I will definitely go back.

Cost: $4.50 for chicken and comes with a heaping order of fries (with a side order of plantains, a ginger ale and a nice trece leche cake I spent around $12.
Adventure rating: High
Fried chicken rating:  Extra above average