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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Southern BBQ Adventure

As you head south on the I-95 corridor from New York, you head south.  If you keep going you reach DC, and there is something about that city which seems ever so slightly southern, although I'm sure many from ways farther south would scoff at such a notion.  But I swear there is something slightly southern about DC.  But soon, as you continue down, it really does seem southern, and before long you're in Richmond, which has to not only seem but be southern.

We went down south for BBQ - North Carolina eastern "whole hog" style and western North Carolina style.  The thrill was in our hearts as we drove, and there were also many gasses.  Quite a few gasses.  I also had a red lesion on my face of unknown etiology which a doctor said could be a couple of things, but it was a large red lesion that was not dissipating after a couple of weeks.  It was on my face, and I was south, so the lesion was therefore also south.

One place in eastern North Carolina was Skylight Inn.  This place was delightful.  I had a platter of whole hog pulled pork, which was delicate and subtle but very flavorful.  The meat was chopped up so thoroughly it formed into a texture quite unlike any I've had before - it was almost creamy, almost like mashed pork.  Very good.  The cole slaw was vinegar-based and crisp, and the corn bread was almost like a very good, savory corn cake.  A simple yet delicious meal.  The pineapple cake was excellent.  I wanted to share it with my friends but they refused because of my lesion - they were worried the lesion was contagious.

We went to another place, too, although I didn't enjoy it as much.  We also had Alabama-style smoked wings, an excellent banana pudding, and I also went to Cracker Barrel for the first time and had chicken fried steak and chicken dumplings.  Excellent.

We drove north, past DC, back into New York.  Our southern adventure was over; my lesion was not.