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Friday, July 18, 2014

staten island adventure

So me my niece and my brother decided to go to staten island. But first we wanted to see world trade center 1. So we took the subway to Wallstreet.The ride was very bumpy but fun. Then we went to see the world trade center memorial. It was fun. Did you know there is a museum under the waterfall.There is a cool black pit in the middle.Ok lets go on. Ok so we went to the ferry we were on it for about up to 10 to 15 minutes. So we walked a little bit till i showed them where to get good pizza. The pizzeria was called 76 pier. We got zucini fries. They were very good. We got a plain pizza that was even better. I know my writing is like greenish blue but i just like it that way ok back to normal. Opps now its pink sorry just so you know im putting it to yellow but if that does not work i'll put it to purple. Ok yellow didn't really work back to the story we walked back to get DQ  or dairy queen i got some sort of peanut butter thing i liked it. So we went to the part where you  get to the ferry there was a 15 minute wait. Ahhhhhhh. Ok so we finally could board the boat was nice and big. We passed the statue of liberty as some people say lady liberty i don't know. Finally we got back to manhatten we had a fun day josh's niece madison.