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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

An Inspiring Message from Apple Computer

On the back of this week's New Yorker (I'm white, college-educated, very likely to vote for Democratic party candidates, and live in a densely populated urban area, meaning I have a subscription), there was an absolutely inspiring advertisement for the iPad Air.  Someone is taking a picture of Sumo wresting, and the following words grace the bottom:

"Everyone has a passion.  A new idea to share.
A stanza to add to the world's story.
What will your verse be?"

When I first read this my heart skipped a beat, and a great feeling of serious and hopeful profundity overtook me.  A stanza to add to the world's story.  Powerful.  What will your verse be?  Ah, a call to action.

Thanks, Apple, for this meaningful, provocative message.