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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dan's Dan Dan Noodles

Hi I'm Dan. When I was a boy I knew I was different. I often sat in the corner observing, and at meals I joylessly picked at my food, eating to live but by no means living to eat. Then one day our Chinese neighbors invited us to dinner. Miss Chang said she was making a special noodle just for me. The name of these noodles? Dan Dan noodles. As you can imagine I was completely delighted (my name is Dan). Ever since all I have cared about are Dan Dan noodles. I spend all of my time thinking about Dan Dan noodles and going on quests for the perfect Dan Dans. This is Dan’s Dan Dan noodles.

Yes hello. Recently Han Dynasty in the East Village has garnered attention for their Dan Dan noodles. SeriousEats, the most influential and brilliant food blog in history has said things like “these are how Dan Dan noodles are meant to be” and Han Dynasty uses “house-made chili oil” and the noodles have “textural contrast” and “complexity.” Get thee to Han Dynasty, then, and by “thee” I mean “me.”

Indeed Han Dynasty serves a fine Dan Dan noodle. The chewy, wholesome noodles are doused in a complex, pugnacious chili oil with notes of garlic and sesame oil, and the bright chives dance off the fiery peppercorns in a cacophony of aromas textures flavors and intoxications.  Han Dynasty will take you to a whole new world of flavor with their Dan Dan noodles.

This has been Dan's Dan Dan noodles.