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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chronicles of Creams

A.B. Biagi is a cream store in SoHo which specializes in the creams of Italy, popularly know as "gelati" or "gelato."  The creams of Italy are airy, smooth and decadent.  They are supple.  When you're feeling bored with your job, girlfriend, life, or all of the above, it's nice to partake in the creams of Italy. A.B. Biagi is not a bad place to do this.

Two flavors were consumed, pumpkin and "cones and cream."  First, pumpkin: it had a meaty, fresh pumpkin taste.  There was an ice-like quality to this cream which almost made it seem like pumpkin sorbet.  A fresh, true concoction to be sure, but I still prefer Shake Shake's pumpkin custard.  Next, "cones and cream": an absolutely delightful Italian cream, with bits of sugar cone mixed in.  Just truly pleasant.  A very nice cream.