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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sichuan Seductions

In the beginning the solar system formed, and there were many gasses, and they formed, and the sun and the planets formed.  And on one planet, fiery water flowed and spewed out from mounds of dust, and out of one such mound erupted the lava of spice.  Now the lava of spice hardened and turned into the dirt of the Earth, and this happened in what is now called Sichuan Province.  And they planted chiles and peppercorns in the dirt, and the lava of spice was in them, and they were hot and tingly.

And so a man  from Sichuan moved to what is now called Philadelphia, and he opened up a series of restaurants serving the food of Sichuan, the food of hot and tingly lava spice.  And then he opened up a branch is what is now called Manhattan.  The place was called Han Dynasty.

How is the food at Han Dynasty?  I've traveled all over New York seeking the food of Sichuan, the food drowned in chile oils and numby Sichuan peppercorns.  When you have it and it's done right, the flavors are beyond compare.  The oils are so fragrant and pungent.  You bask in those seductions.  I've traveled all over New York looking for Sichuan seductions, and Han Dynasty is pretty good, with some respectable options, but better Sichuan seductions are to be had.

Han Dynasty 
Third Avenue near 13th Street