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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Intrigues of Ramen

Ramen I think of you so.  I think of you always.  If only I could remove everything in my mind and fill it entirely with your pristine flavors, then I would be complete and worthy to look upon your dark, mysterious waters.  As things stand now I am a tainted, unworthy idolater.  I want Ramen.  I want the noodles and the textures, and pork broths and chicken broths and the chicken and pork broths.  But never will I be a perfect Ramen lover, and therefore, to prove myself and punish myself at the same time, I will now drown myself in a gigantic vat of ramen. I hope as your porky broths enter my lungs I am infused with you, to whatever degree possible, and just a moment before I die I will truly know you.  This concludes this and every episode of the Intrigues of Ramen. This concludes everything.