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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Chronicles of Creams

Listen: they tell of a man who loved but one thing: creams.  No one could understand him.  In his mind: wealth: who needs it; fame: pointless; domestic bliss: a mirage; religion: a mirage of a mirage.  No, he just wanted creams.

Labor Day weekend 2013, specifically Sunday.

For a man who loves creams, Labor Day means only one thing: Shake Shack Peach Pie Oh My.  And so, as any self-respecting cream lover would do, I went to Shake Shake, specifically the Upper West Side location.  It was horrifically packed, but thankfully the "C line," where only custard is served, was empty.  I ordered my Peach Pie Oh My and then smothered my senses, taking a whiff of the peachy delight, then placing a spoonful in my mouth and twirling around the smooth cream. I could taste the magnificent flavors, the mild peachy specialness, the buttery pie crust.  Thank you, jesus, for this gift.

As good as this was, one cream adventure was simply not enough, so I journeyed down to the South Ferry, where I would embark across New York Harbor to the St. George Terminal on Staten Island.  There, they said, lies the first Dairy Queen in all the Five Boroughs.  As I boarded the Staten Island Ferry excitement filled the air, and many overweight American tourists and Staten Island residents, and many European men wearing capri pants, took pictures and laughed at their good fortune of being alive.  I scoffed at these fools and leaned over the deck and took in the salty air, and there was a pink lushness in the sky, and we moved to St. George.

Well, my friends, I am happy to report that indeed a Dairy Queens does reside in the St. George Terminal.  I had a peanut buster parfait and smiled in ecstasy as I devoured the sweet, creamy softserve interlaced with rich fudge and salty roasted peanuts.  Thank you jesus, yet again.

My journey to and from Staten Island took 4 hours, and when I returned home I realized I love only one thing: creams.