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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why Treats Exist

Once upon a time the gods were sitting around doing not much of anything.  We use the term "gods" to refer to beings which are sustained in knowing their relation to the world, actually have a purposeful relation, and who also have amazing creative powers.

Getting back to the story, the gods were sitting around doing not much of anything when one of the gods accidentally created what is known as the "universe."

"For christ's sake!" said one of the gods.

"You've done a terrible thing," said another.

"Whoops," said the god who accidentally created the universe.

Once created, it was foreseen that beings would develop, known as "men," who would have no idea why they existed.  Nor could they ever know why they or anything exists, and they would spend huge sums of energy creating silly stories for why they mattered, even though they didn't.

The gods knew there was no way they could undo the creation of the universe, and they knew there was no way they could fix the demented, unknowing mind of man (there are some things not even the gods can change).   Being an agreeable bunch, the gods decided to add as much goodness into the world as possible, hence delightful treats such as ice cream and root beer and root beer floats.

Eat your ice cream and drink your root beer and enjoy it, let it numb you to the fact that you're an absurd mistake that has no hope of being whole, that will always be a drop in a bottomless ocean of time.