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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Chronicle of Creams

Today the weather could only be described as superlative, and I thought it a good idea to sample a new gelato shop I had read of called A.B. Biagi.  And so I went.

I suppose the general logical principle was as follows:

a) it's such a nice day
b) on nice days it's nice to eat ice cream
therefore) i will eat ice cream

The more specific line of reasoning must (or might have been) this:

a) on nice days it's nice to eat ice cream
b) a superlative day is a day that is extra nice
therefore) on a superlative day, it's nice to eat extra nice ice cream

Anyway, I had read about this shop, had read how astounding it was, etc. etc.  I sampled the pistachio and coffee flavors.  They were both good.  Complex, dense yet airy, nutty, sophisticated, luscious, supple, etc. etc.  However, one must ask: was the ice cream so much better than soft serve at McDonald's?  When one thinks about it, I'm not so sure.

Currently, the only ice cream treat which stands far above any other is the Peanut Buster Parfait at Dairy Queen.  Thank the gods, a Dairy Queen is finally slated to open downtown this month.

A.B. Biagi 
Elizabeth Street, Manhattan