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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Perfect Scone

When I worked for her Majesty's secret service, I was often in London.  The damp, dreary weather, as I found out, serves its purpose: to make the consumption of a delightful scone and a spot of tea that much better.  Mind you, a delightful scone and fine cup of tea is excellent no matter what.  But when the weather is chilly and rainy, a fine scone is like nothing else on God's green Earth.  Indeed, I realized that life is made so unpleasant in London (and in general) so that we can experience the intensified excellence of having all manner of "Taster's Choice" moments.  What do I mean by this? Would it really be so pleasurable to cuddle up in a warm bed if not for having faced a long, hard day at the office in which you go about your meaningless tasks to then face a harrowing commute while a devious Nor'easter sweeps through town? No, cuddling up in your warm bed derives much of its pleasure from the contrast with and respite from a terrible, cold day. 

It is my belief that a perfect scone with cream and a soothing cup of tea is the greatest pleasure in life.  Let's explore this hypothesis together while we search for the perfect scone.

To be continued.