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Friday, July 26, 2013

Tales of the Orient

When I was a camel humper on the Silk Road, a dear friend, Yul, died somewhere in the Arabian desert, yearning for crispy fried chicken, a good taco and an ice cream sundae.   His last words were: "I wish I could have some crispy fried chicken, a good taco, and an ice cream sundae."

I promised Yul right before he died that if ever such a thing were possible, I'd experience it on his behalf.  And finally, after years of searching, I found the answer to Yul's dying wishes: Chelsea Market.  It would be a treacherous trek through the inner bowels of the Chelsea Market to find all three delights, but fulfilling my dead friend's dreams was far more important than the almost certain death that awaited me.

First on my journey into the inner recesses of Chelsea Market was Hybird, a new fried chicken place by a rapper guy.  Fried chicken-wise, all that is served is drumsticks, and they're reasonably not bad.

Next up was Los Tacos No. 1, a delightful taqueria.  The creamy guacamole was infectious, and I immediately began dipping my face in it.

Finally was Ronnybrook Dairy, where you can gets milks, ice creams, etc.  I had a sundae with cinnamon ice cream, hazelnut ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream.  It was a very respectful sundae.

Such is the trifecta of intoxications at Chelsea Market in New York City.  If only my old friend, Yul, could have lived to see this day.


Los Tacos No. 1
Ronnybrook Dairy
All in Chelsea Market