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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Department of Pants

Caramel.  It's something I enjoy.  I believe it's concocted of caramelized butter and sugar.  I enjoy it.

I like caramel sauces.  I like pouring them atop ice cream and mounds of fluffy white whipped cream.

Speaking of ice cream, I like caramel ice cream.

There are ways and forms of caramel I long for which I will not mention, but take note I long for the above caramels in addition to the unmentionable varieties.

Melted caramel as a pants color.  This is some I do not enjoy.  Any man wearing a pair of caramel pants - melted or not - should be summarily executed.

JCrew has such a pant color, and they - the entire company - should be summarily executed.  This is a sad day for pants.