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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Pizza Files

There has been much writing and jumping up and down about Nicoletta, a new pizza venture by the venerated Michael White. There have been discussions over what kind of pizza it is: NY Mag called it 'wiscopolitan," evoking White's Midwestern roots and his cosmopolitan New York sensibilities.  Yes, that's nice

I ate at this Nicoletta last evening.  A few pies were had, including the calabrese with pepperoni, sausage and onion; the parmigiana with eggplant and garlic; and the broccolo with broccoli rabe and cherry peppers.  All were enjoyable enough, but I must say, it seemed like glorified Pizza Hut pizza.  The crust was of that thickness, with a buttery quality.  Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with thick and buttery crusts, it's just the sauce, the cheese - I don't know, it simply reminded me of Pizza Hut.

Enjoyable, yes, but somewhat underwhelming in a sense, as well.  It's a good neighborhood place other than the fact that we had to wait about 45 minutes and it was horribly loud (from music blaring from the speakers, and not even good music).

Actually, the thing that was a revelation was the soft serve gelato, which comes with a choice of two toppings.  I got mine with salted caramel and polenta struesel.  It was divine.

2nd Avenue, East Village