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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Department of Pants

Finding a beloved pair of pants you thought lost is the nicest feeling in the world.  Yesterday I found such a pair of beloved pants buried in my closet, and so it came to pass that I felt the nicest feeling in the world.  All things are fleeting, though, so now I feel just average.

The pants:  a Dockers straight fit casual jean, in a lovely dull gray color.  It was the perfect find, because my other gray jeans - a pair of Levi's - were forming holes in the back pocket area.  I had relegated these Levi pants to bike riding status, an important status to be sure, but one needs other stati, as well.

It is as if I am reunited with an old friend.  Truth be told, the pants are a tad on the short side.  But I like them very much, thank you.