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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Pizza Files

I am a bit behind when it comes to discussing my adventures in pizza.  I accept full responsibility and can do nothing but offer my deepest apologies.  I hope you can accept that.  If not, there is nothing else I can do, so you might as well be on your way.  Goodbye.

For those who left, I wish you the best; for those who accepted my apology, the matter at hand...

Here is a brief rundown of the pizza I've eaten in the past several weeks:

February 9, 2012 
Don Antonio - New, from the founder of Keste, Naples style, has a montanara (fried) pizza, goodish, a little more trendy than I like my pizzerias, warrants more exploration.

March 3, 2012
Keste - Have been several times in the past, and have nominally enjoyed.  Had a much better experience this time. The mast'nicola, which consists of lard, pecorino romano and basil, was excellent. It's a salty, pungent affair, which is how I like my affairs.

John's on Bleecker - Have been once before, thought it was pretty decent 8 years ago, thought the same thing this time, as well. The cheese congeals in a very weird, thick, greasy way.  Still fairly enjoyable, mind you, but not that good.  People line up for this pizza because somehow it's been decided that John's is classic and awesome.  People get to pretend like they know about good pizza in New York by saying they know of John's, which is a silly delusion.

Famous Ben's - Been once before for a normal slice, which is barely fine.  This time had the square, palermo slice; it was fine but will never eat it again unless I am forced against my will.

March  17, 2012
DiFara - Have been many times in the past, initially loved it, then, after a couple of years, I started to wonder about it, and now, having been back, I am pretty much back to loving it. I will file a special report on DiFara's soon.

Scattered Dates
Sal & Carmine's - I go here frequently, so it doesn't necessarily make sense to write about every slice I have.  But, for the record, I've been a couple of times as of late, and I love this, salty, tangy slice as much as ever.

In many ways, this has been an embarrassing post.  It seems I must apologize again.  The life of a food adventurer is difficult, and I regret that I do not have more time to delve into the complexities of these experiences.  As noted, I will discuss DiFara's at greater length, but otherwise, what you see before you will have to suffice.  If it doesn't, you know what you must do (leave, although, once again, I wish you the best).