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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


1) I'm starting to think a lot about Italian sandwiches.  Sandwiches filled with Italian meats, cured and otherwise, and Italian cheese, provolone and otherwise.  Perhaps also with some roasted peppers or other roasted vegetables, and perhaps some oil and vinegar and perhaps some salt and pepper.  And on a delightful bread, perhaps soft and tender, crusty, etc.

2) Why whenever it's Thanksgiving, do food publications feel the need to fill their newspaper/magazine/blog with recipes for Thankgiving?  Why not just refer people back to the past 20 years worth of Thanksgiving material?

3) To solve the problem of the tightness of my pants, I've stopped buttoning them.  In the past, I did not wear a belt.  Now, I am not buttoning and wearing a belt.  This has worked quite well, but really, a man wants to have a snug - but not too snug - perfectly fitting pair of pants which can be crisply and confidently buttoned.  Therefore, my solution is not a perfect one.  In fact, it's not a solution.  It's simply making the best of a bad situation.