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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Jeans and I'm Feeling Fine!

This past weekend I purchased a pair of Relaxed Straight Fit jeans from Uniqlo.  They are the size 33 waist, 32 inseam.  They are 98% cotton and 2%some-sort-of-stretchy-material.*

I had been looking for a new, fine denim.  My last pair, from JCrew, are starting to get holes, and as I've slimmed down a bit, they're a tad baggy.  I needed a jean that would make me look sleek, sexy and even a little dangerous. 

I used to have a pair of jeans from Uniqlo, and I found them to be a fine cut.  The problem was that even though they fit my legs quite well, they were too loose on the waist.  It was very embarrassing.  Why, dear jesus, can I not just get a pair of pants that fit EVERYWHERE.  A nice, glove-like feel in the waist and a nice, form fitting fit in the leg area, but not too tight.

Anyway, Relaxed Fit jeans are usually a recipe for disaster - they tend to be too roomy in the leg area.  However, these Uniqlo Relaxed Straight Fit jeans are quite excellent, dare I say almost perfect.  Perhaps it's because Japanese people are small and so relaxed for them is just right for me.  Either way, I will just thank the Pant Gods and enjoy my fine fitting denim trousers.

*I do feel a tad bit uncomfortable having a bit of a stretchiness to these jeans.  To me, that cries out either a) I like going to clubs or b) I'm a girl, neither of which, last time I checked, are true.  However, the stretchiness is not really noticeable and I do enjoy the fit of these jeans.