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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today there is a sickness and sadness because I feel very worried about my pants. They seem a little too tapered to me. Also, perhaps a little too short. Maybe the cut is too slim. I'm on the lean-ish side, but at 6'2 and with an immensely powerful frame, I am not appropriate for a very slim trouser. I need a trouser that's a bit fuller, but god knows it can't be too full. Indeed, that's my major problem in life: trousers either seems to be too slim or too baggy/full. It is so hard to find a pant that has just the right amount of material, the perfect silhouette, a nicely cut leg that also fits snuggly - but not too tight - around the waist. I am beside myself right now.

The pants I am wearing are a JCrew Bowery Pant, Classic Fit (they also make a Bowery pant in a slim fit). I wonder what the Slim Fit would look like on me if the Classic Fit already seems a bit too slim. It's funny, though, because I have a different pair of Bowery Classic Fit pants, same size (33x32) and those actually seem a bit closer to being the right cut. It's weird when it comes to pants. It can be the same size, same style, same manufacturer, but the pant can actually be a little different!

Don't know what to do.