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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Interesting or Not?

This past weekend I went to Montreal (I should have a video montage of the trip soon). Anyway, my friend and I stayed in a hostel where there were numerous young people, European people, and young European people.

One afternoon my companion and I were walking around the city, not at all close to our hostel, and I noticed passing by a fellow who was staying in the same hostel. "Hey, that guy is staying in our hostel!" I said. Anyway, that was that...or was it?

Today, back in New York, I was walking home from the Subway after going to Trader Joe's and quickly walked by someone I recognized. After a moment I realized it was the same guy from the hostel in Montreal! I chased after him and asked if indeed he had been staying in a hostel in Montreal, and sure enough he had.

This fellow, we'll call him John, is from England, just graduated from university, and was taking a solo tour of Canada. He decided since he was so close to New York he would come down for a visit, and is staying in a hostel/hotel one block from my apartment.

After talking for a few moments, I mentioned I was from Pittsburgh. "Wow, he said - my father, who(m) I've never met, is from Pittsburgh. My mother, before she died, gave me his picture and I've been trying to track him down." He showed me the picture and I almost fainted - it was a picture of my father! So as it turns out, I have a half-brother from England.

(note: everything up to the last paragraph is true)