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Friday, September 11, 2009


Have I mentioned that I like Trader Joe's? Well, I do.

Last night I was in the Union Square area, not specifically to go to Trader Joe's, but since I was down there I figured, what the hay, I might as well go to Trader Joe's. And so I did. I got some cool stuff...

- "Dunkers," which are these elongated cookies meant to be dunked into coffee or other beverages of your choice.

- Gyoza dumplings, both the pork & vegatable and the shrimp varieties.

- Some other stuff, but I can't remember.

Well anyway, I should be eating various things this weekend, and maybe I'll write about them on Monday. Or maybe I won't. But either way, you have a delightful weekend, and stay warm and dry in this unseasonably dreary and damp weather!

To infinity and beyond...