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Monday, August 10, 2009

Pittsburgh Pizza

If you like pizza, there are worse places you could go than Pittsburgh. Also, if you like seeing people wearing sweatpants, there are definitely worse places you could go. But, alas, this blogpost write-up will concern pizza, not sweatpants, although sweatpants are certainly a worthy topic of discussion.

Anyhow, I actually went to 3 places for pizza when I was home in Pittsburgh. One I will not mention because I really don't want to. The other two I will mention because I do want to.

On Saturday I went on a pizza adventure with my son and partner, H.W. Plainview (who happens to run a blog of his own).

First stop: Mineo's Pizza House, in Mt. Lebanon.

We got a pie, half plain, half with sausage, onion and artichoke. It was an absolutely great pie. They use two kinds of provolone cheese.

This is my son and partner, H.W. Plainview.

This is me. It's kind of embarrassing that my son can grow a much better beard than I can, but oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Next up: Fiori's.

Half plain, half meatball and onion. I must mention, it is always good to get plain to get a clear sense of the pizza at a particular place. At Fiori's, the sauce was sweet - too sweet, actually. I don't mind a sauce with a subtle sweetness, but this was just too much. Almost as if they used Splenda, which is not advisable.