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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Communications Major? Good god!

For many more years than you've been alive, there have been debates on what constitutes legitimate areas of academic study. Recently there have been criticisms leveled at such disciplines as Women's Studies, African American Studies and other such interdisciplinary cultural or area studies.

Well, it may be that very soon we need to add two more departments to the traditional liberal arts college...

One is Lebowski Studies, although Lebowski courses may fit quite well into existing English, film and cultural studies departments

I would argue that Snuggles Studies would not so easily be absorbed into pre-existing academic departments, as it deals with many frameworks and traditions that are quite separate from, say, Cultural Studies. For instance, Snuggles Studies relies heavily on Blanket/Pillow Engineering, Cozy, Fuzzy and Giggly. I would therefore urge colleges to create new Snuggles Studies departments.