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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pants - bad; Food - good

Last night was a pleasant evening in the City of New York City, Manhattan, United States of America - after a somewhat overcast day the sun started to shine through the mists, and people were strolling around the streets of Upper Broadway. One such stroller, an older man, was wearing what may have been the worst pair of pants I have ever seen. They were a pleated denim chino of astoundingly horrible fit, pulled up to his ribcage.

The offending pants on the right - as you can see, the gentleman was also wearing a rather frumpy walking coat

Sadly, I was unable to get a picture from the front; however, this should give you an idea of the absurd nature of these "pants"

So horrified I was at the sight of these denim trousers, I resolved to comfort myself by meeting a friend at Broadway Restaurant, a venerable Upper West Side diner, where eccentric New Yorkers sit and read the paper, chat with the servers, and make friendly and weird comments.

Broadway Restaurant - um, yes

Oh, hi

Waiting for my friend, I read the NY Observer, the best newspaper in New York

I got the hot turkey sandwich and fries - both very good. It came with a vegetable, and I can't say I'll ever again try the spinach. At the top you can see a little of my friend's pork chops, which he seemed to enjoy

All in all it was a delightful experience. Our server, Annie, was very attentive and really gave the kitchen staff hell when they were dragging on our order. Also, towards the end of our meal, an older gentleman in a spiffy green flannel suit "passed wind" as he walked by our table, which was a nice denouement to our dinner at the diner.