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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FAPPAF Changing Its Name?


But yesterday I was fantasizing about this blog becoming insanely popular and someone wanting to pay me loads of money for advertising on one condition: I change the name to something more mainstream. Let's say this person/company offers me 5 million dollars if I change the name of the blog to something of their choosing. Let's even say I get to approve the name change, but it will definitely be something different than Food & Pants/Pants & Food.

Certain questions run through my mind...

1) Would I feel like I had to refuse the offer, lest I sell my soul?
2) Would I make some sort of compromise (for instance, give half of the money to charity?)
3) Should I accept the money and give ALL of it to charity, forgetting my stupid attachment to a silly blog and maximizing good for the largest group of people possible?

Vexing moral questions, to be sure.

$5 million for your blog's name (soul)