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Monday, April 6, 2009

First Train Trip of Spring

Hi. Yesterday I went to Bayshore, Long Island. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there from Penn Station. Here are some pictures...

The bustling Bayshore train station.

When I first got to Bayshore, I really had to pee. Unfortunately, there was no bathroom in this 7-11.

There was a bathroom in this random laundry mat, but it was locked. Some lady started laughing at me.

Um, hi?

I swear to god this ice cream truck was following me. I was trying to have a conversation on the phone and every two minutes it would drive by and play really annoying music - much worse than Mister Softee.

The bay...

I took a nap on the bay, a little kid yelled out "hey!" I said "you better watch it, ray!" and then he said "no way!" and...that's it.

Bustling downtown Bayshore. There were more U.S. flags than people.

I got some papusas and some sort of stew at a deli.

This place is called 'Sauce.' I was too scared to get any closer to see what kind of store it was .

The double-decker train, waiting to take me home. Bye, Bayshore.