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Monday, April 27, 2009

Beautiful Day Spoiled

I opened up my e-mail mailbox this morning to find a message from J.Crew with the following subject line: "Introducing our newest pant."

Well, you can imagine I was quite excited. It's called the "urban slim chino." Well, I'm urban, and while I may not be as slim as I used to be, I do enjoy a pant with a more sleek silhouette. Also, I do like chinos. So far, so good.

Then I logged onto the J.Crew website and this is what I saw...

Well, these pants seem like they're a little too slim. But the real problem is the presentation: one should NEVER roll up his pants unless he is Protestant, Anglo-Saxon, rich, and walking on the beach.

So yes, it's a beautiful day outside and all I can think about is this poor showing by J.Crew. Sigh.