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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Williamsburgh and Pizza

Last night I ended up in Williamsburg, which is something I try to avoid at all costs. There's nothing that makes me hate my life more than being surrounded by "hipsters." Oh just joking - they're not so bad.

Anyway, the reason for this visit to Williamsburg was pizza. I had read about a place called Motorino all the way back in October and was finally able to eat there last night. I would give it a high rating.

A quiet street in Williamsburg.

Motorino, a couple of blocks from the Graham Street L stop

This is what's called a pizza oven - they bake pizzas in it

Appetizer 1: prosciutto wrapped around some sort of cheese with some sort of preserves or something.

Appetizer 2: roasted squash with parmesean and vinegar

Pizza 1: a classic margherita - fior di latte, tomato, basil

Pizza 2: soppressata picante
- fior di latte, tomato, spicy soppressata, garlic, chile oil

Pizza 3: pugliese - broccolini, sausage, fresh chiles, garlic

Pizza 4: buffaline - mozzarella di bufala, olive oil, raw basil, sea salt

Dessert: 1 scoop of pistachio gelati, 1 scoop of hazelnut