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Friday, January 16, 2009

Much To Learn, You Still Have

Yes, hi. I work as a tutor one night a week. Yesterday, my 'tutoree' and I were using a computer at the tutoring center and we came across an open MS Word document that the previous user must have forgotten to close. It appeared to be an early draft of Star Wars: Episode I. The only reason I second-guess the authenticity of this manuscript is that the writing seems too good to have come from the hands of George Lucas.

Here is an excerpt:

Ahsoka Tano was a jedi apprentice. A jedi is a boy or girl how uses a legendary power to help the galaxy com together and uses a energy sword as a wepon...But now Ahsoka pushed the thought out of her head, because it was not like a jedi to think about losses, like Ahsokas Family.

" Madom, we are aprocing the chistofis planet now".

" Good, Odd ball,"

"Tano, you should strap in because thlanding might be a little rough."

So Ahsoka took her seat, and waited.

A few minutes later, the republic attack shuttle she was flying in was landed and Ahsoka walked out, and was greeted by another jedi, only this one was a master. She was also greeted by a clone she reconazed as a clone capten. The environment was misty and warm.

" here, master…Wait what are your names?"

The jedi master came forward.

" I am jedi knight Anikin skywalker"

" And I am captan rex" said the clone captan.