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Friday, December 5, 2008

Sherman the Chocolate-Covered Gummy Bear

Oh, hello - I didn't see you over there. Ahem. Anyway, yesterday I met with my group for a class project, and one of the members of the group, a certain "Sophie," happens to have a family that is in the business of selling candy. This certain Sophie told the group she was going to bring loads of candy for our group meeting.

Well, when I arrived at our meeting last night I was shocked to discover that Sophie had eaten nearly all the candy herself! There were trace amounts of candy left in huge bags - clearly, she had eaten quite a lot of candy. Yes, it was a rather devastating blow to group morale.

However, I am happy to report that I was able to salvage a single chocolate-covered gummy bear. His name was Sherman and he is quite a fellow. Sherman and I talked for a while and then I showed him this blogsite and he was like, "Wow! I love the internets!"

Here are a bunch of chocolate-covered gummy bears. This is what it's like when your group member says she's going to bring lots of candy and doesn't eat all of it.

Here's a picture of Sherman reading FAPPAF. "Wow, these world wide webs are marvelous!" he says.