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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Colonel Sanders Goes to Popeye's

Hm, why yes. I need some fried chicken. Hm, let's see...

Hm, why yes. I'm Colonel - Colonel Sanders. I would like some of my special delicately seasoned Kentucky fried chicken! Yes, please!

Um, sir, this is Popeye's chicken. We serve our own tasty chicken here.

Why, I never! I'm Colonel Sanders and I would like my Kentucky fried chicken, not Portland fried chicken.

Sir, it's POPEYE'S fried chicken, not Portland fried chicken.

Pickett's chicken? Do you know what General Lee used to tell me about that?

Private Sanders, I never should have ordered Pickett's charge. I have failed the South and my beloved Virginia!

He said ... uh ... can I have my Kentucky fried chicken, please?

Good god. Yeah, sure, whatever, here's your chicken.

Yes, please!