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Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello. This weekend I had hot pot in Flushing, Queens. Last weekend I had hot pot in Chinatown (Manhattan). Anyway, a lot of hot pot, but there are worse things you could have a lot of.

Say hello to Scooter. Scooter was a very cute Chinese boy at the hot pot place in Flushing. Scooter was wearing a very funny padded helmet. I like Scooter.

For some reason,
Scooter reminded
me of Fozzie from
the Muppets.
I like Fozzie.

I was also reminded of Beaker. I like Beaker.

What else? I like buffalo wings. Also, I bought a big thing of apple cider to sip while I'm at work today. I think that's it.