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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tums - I mean Necco: Maker of Fine American Candies

Yes, hello there. How are you today? You just stubbed your toe? Sorry to hear that. Ouch. Ouch. Ok. Yes. You what!? Oh my goodness...

Anyway, welcome to Food & Pants. Let me tell you about a very exciting and interesting thing that happened last night. I was returning from my burger adventure (see previous post) and decided I needed to stop at the market to pick up some produce. As I was picking out my produce I realized I was going to have to get a treat...

I ended up getting chocolate covered malt balls. I like malt balls. I LOVE malted milkshakes. Anyway, a popular brand of malted milk balls is the Whoppers brand. Last night, however, I happened upon this brand, Haviland or something, which is part of the Necco company!

Necco is perhaps most well known for its 'candy wafer.' This is an absolutely delightful treat. Sadly, you don't see them around much these days.

I have had to start eating fruit-flavored Tums, the antacid, because they taste a lot like Necco candy wafers and are readily available at the closest pharmacy. The directions for Tums say not to eat more than 15 or something like that in a 24 hour period, but when I'm eating Necco candy wafers do I only eat 15? Of course not! So basically I'll eat about 40 Tums in a sitting, but it hasn't seemed to cause too much of a problem as of this printing.