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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Japanese Pens -- The New Religion

What do you do when you feel empty inside? When you feel like no one cares? When you feel like everything is meaningless? I'll tell you what I do: I go to Konikuniya, the Japanese book and stationary store across from Bryant Park on 6th Avenue.

Hey man, look at all the colors

On Saturday I was feeling despondent so I went to Kinokuniya to get some Japanese pens. I really like pens. The funny thing is, I rarely need to use a pen for more than signing my name on checks, and I don't even have to write that many checks -- thankfully, since I have a low-paying dead-end job.

But oh well, I still like having cool pens. So every now and then I buy some cool pens and I feel better about life for approximately an hour, and then I'm back to thinking life is pointless. Then I usually decide to start a journal about how life is meaningless, and I write it using my new pen. But then my hand gets tired and I give up.

Life is a tale...ah, I can't write anymore, but at least my pen is cool

Yesterday, after giving up on my journal, I said to myself, well, I might as well take comfort in food, and so I went to Una Pizza Napoletana and stuffed myself silly (actually that's not true, because for $21 you get a pizza that is not that big, but oh well, that's how they do it in Naples, and Una Pizza prides itself on its authenticity).

Aren't I awesome? I'm eating such an authentic pizza. I am so great and worldly.

So yeah, thanks to Una Pizza's "authenticity," I couldn't even eat enough to use food as a compensation for emotional emptiness. Next time I'm just going to Domino's or something and ordering two large pies for $15 or whatever it is they charge days.