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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I win!

Over a year ago I went to a certain Flushing mall known for its Chinese food stalls. It was a rather intimidating place and I was pretty much the only white person in the premises. No one really spoke much English. I approached one of the stalls and gently and kindly pointed at what I was interested in ordering. My meager pointing was greeted with a sick and condescending laugh by an evil Chinese man. The man refused to serve me anything.

It was a humiliating experience and I am still suffering the long-term consequences. Well, this past weekend I was in Flushing with a friend of mine, and with my friend I felt emboldened and returned to the mall. Well guess what? It has been closed! I hope that evil Chinese man suffered as much as I did. I hope he's lying on the ground somewhere in a fetal position. God, so many times I have cried myself to sleep in a fetal position...

Me savoring what has become of the mall...