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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fountain Sodas

This soda fountain has Coke AND Pepsi products -- delightful

There can be absolutely no denying that fountain sodas are the most wonderful and excellent of all the sodas. Glass bottles come in second, but still, the fountain soda reigns supreme.

I have been a fan of fountain sodas for a long time. I think they taste better -- the carbonation/syrup ratio is fantastic. Also, I like holding a cup -- I think it's more fun.

Anyway, there are not many soda fountain options extremely close to where I work. However, I just learned that the deli downstairs sells cups of ice for 50 cents. Therefore, I have taken to buying the cups with ice and pouring in my favorite sodas. It's not quite as good as a fountain soda, but it's a nice substitute.

Yes, so wasn't this fascinating?

Cup with ice

- Nice fountain soda!
- Actually, it's a bottled soda that I poured into a cup with ice!
- Wow! Could've fooled me!
- Aha!