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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

See - Pants Truly Are Important

This morning I had to have an MRI of my hip. Yes, that's correct, I am an old lady.

Anyway, I had to go into a dressing room and was told to take off my shirt and pants and put on a flimsy hospital gown. When I came out into the waiting room everyone was sitting there wearing hospital gowns, but everyone was still wearing pants! I was the only one without my pants. The gown only went down to my knees, so I had to sit there and I felt very exposed and silly! At least I was wearing cool socks, gray with blue stripes.

Still, this was a very embarrassing time, full of vulnerability and emotions and marshmallows? I don't know what I'm saying...

Here I am -- I was so embarrassed I had to take out my blanky for emotional support, but then I felt even more embarrassed for having a blanky, which I carry with me in case of emergencies. It was just a vicious cycle of embarrassment.