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Friday, May 9, 2008

The Adventures of Jub-Jub: Episode 12

When we last left Jub-Jub, he was taken down and killed by an anti-aircraft gun. Well, that happened to be the last episode of a 27 part opus on Jub-Jub. What I present today is Episode 12, a prequel to last week's story. Because of various financial and logistical considerations, Episode 12 was the most feasible to create. Rest assured we will get to all 27 parts of the Jub-Jub saga, most likely not in any comprehensible order.

And now, Episode 12...

Jub-Jub Crazy
Episode 12: The Return of Jub-Jub

After his embarrassing defeat by the Luftwaffe, Jub-Jub travels to Mongolia to meet with Kung-Fu and Aerial Dogfighting expert, Master Shunzy. There he learns the mysteries of all sorts of things...

Master Shunzy: You have learned much, my young apprentice. You know that down is up and up is down and other such things.
Jub-Jub: Yes...yes I do.

So anyway...


Ahem, anyway, I think it's time for you to go on a mission and blow up a city...

Good idea.

Jub-Jub: Well, goodbye then.
Master Shunzy: Yes, goodbye.

It feels so wonderful to be flying again. What city should I blow up? Oh look, there's one!

How majestic!

Here I come!


Aha! Gotcha!

Here I come again...this time I'll finish the job!

Now you're mine!

Aha! Take that!

Jub-Jub is back in form...or is he? Find out next time when he once more faces off against the Nazi airforce and its infamous fighterplane, Kluben Von Schnitzel!