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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Up is Down and Right is Left

Let me show you a picture of the leg opening of a pair of denim jeans...

Now, you might say things like, "I enjoy the fabric," or, "they seem like nice jeans." Fair enough. I personally do not enjoy the stylistic tear, which is done on purpose to mimic a weathered look. But fine, whatever.

Anyway, it is well known that jeans cannot be hemmed, at least in any presentable way. When I was a young fellow I was rather husky, so in order to buy pants that fit in the waist, I often ended up with pants that were too long. Well, once I tried getting a pair of jeans hemmed, and basically the legs had been folded up and stitched, creating a fluffy and ridiculous look. Part of the appeal of jeans is the leg opening with that crinkled, thick and sturdy look, which is certainly the case with the above jeans (minus the tear, of course).

Now, what if I were to tell you the very same jeans pictures above were, in fact, hemmed!? Well it's true - those jeans were once longer and were hemmed to be shorter. It's amazing. A person at work has confirmed that there is an expert tailor not far from where I type these very words - a tailor who can expertly shorten jean length. The pants you see above were altered for another co-worker who learned of this expert tailor. I will be going to this tailor tomorrow and cannot wait to share the results.

The inside of the jeans - I am not sure how this mastermind was able to do this