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Saturday, March 22, 2008

God Help Me

In my never-ending attempt to fix what was done to me by Supercuts, I crossed the line myself and have created a huge problem. See, I have lately been very concerned that one side of my hair was significantly longer than the other. Well, I decided to do something about that. In the past, I've had success in remedying the situation. Not this time.

Basically, the left side seemed a bit fuller, which is great, but not when the other side is a bit shorter. Therefore I decided to take a little 'weight' off the left side so that things would be more even. This ended in utter disaster. Now, the left side, which used to be the good side, has turned into the bad side.

Right - This is the good side

Left - This used to be the good side but is now the bad side

As perhaps you can see, the left side is significantly shorter and almost looks peach-fuzzy in the lower quadrant, due to the short, whispy nature of the cut. Anyway, this is just catastrophic and I feel ridiculous.

My only consolation is that the left side of my hair seems to grow faster than the right, which is the only explanation I can come up with for why the left always ends up being fuller and longer than the right side. I have even buzzed my hair, and I swear the left always comes in faster. It's really weird.

I curse the gods, whom I'm sure are having a wonderful laugh at my expense.