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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beef Jerky Will Rise Again

As it turned out I went to DC. Yes, I was devastated by those pants, but, oh well.

For some reason I was thinking about a trip out west I made a couple of years ago. During that trip, in which a friend and I drove from Portland, Oregon to New York, there was much snacking on beef jerky. Special peppered jerky. We ate the peppered jerky as we drove on the highway, the dry desert air and grey blood-mist painting the horizon (nod to Cormac McCarthy).

Anyway, I kept telling my family I wanted jerky. Then, for another reason I'm not quite sure of, I got the idea that I would eat my jerky and go to Robert E. Lee's estate in Arlington. Once there I would channel his spirit and then invade Washington.

Step 1: Eat Jerky

Step 2: March to Lee's estate, Channel his Spirit

Step 3: Launch a Daring Nightime Raid of DC

So anyway, I certainly did end up buying and eating jerky, but curiously I never went to Arlington, nor did I invade DC. Oh well, I'll get 'em next time!

"No, Bob, it would have been better to invade Washington from the Southeast!"

Wait, did I just type that? Sorry, I was just having a conversation with General Lee. Please excuse us, now...