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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cuba Gooding Old Woman

Oh boy. I'm looking for a job, but the problem is I'm not really qualified for anything. I have a B.A. in religion and journalism, and I was a teacher for 3 years. True, I have a master's, but it's in education, which barely counts as a real degree, especially since it's from Mercy College, which is pretty much an oxymoron, for Mercy is hardly a college.

Anyway, there's not anything I want to do. I guess I would be a food critic or movie critic, but I really don't know enough about those topics. I have no motivation. Yes, like most people I would like to make a good amount of money, but I don't seem to care enough to really work for it. I don't care about business or whatever, or trying to climb the corporate ladder.

So, yeah, I'm screwed. No professional ambition. Many people might say that's bad, and sometimes I agree, but other times I think it's fine. Who really cares? The sun's going to burn out, anyway. In the meantime, though, I do sometimes feel inferior to a lot of people I know - like, they're successful or on their way to being successful and I'm just a former special ed. teacher who is temping.

To make myself feel better the other day I bought some Pirouettes, the delicious wafer sticks filled with creme. I got the chocolate hazelnut variety.

My hand holding a container of Pirouettes
This one's about to go in my pie hole

Well, the Pirouettes made me feel better. I ate all of them in less than 24 hours. I guess I did give a few to my roommates.

Oh, I was at
Lastnightsparty, which is this kind of interesting website filled with pictures of "cool" people, usually in New York, but sometimes in other places. Yet again, I feel inferior when looking at these cool people. Maybe they do or do not have good jobs, but at least they're cool. So, anyway, every so often there is a picture of a celebrity, and the other day it was Cuba Gooding, Jr. He looks like an old woman in the picture, and I just thought I'd mention that.

Cuba looking like an old woman

This makes me feel a little better, because despite how funny-looking I may be, I don't think I look like an old woman.