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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Roti Plus Zodiac

I had some business on 111th Street this afternoon, and so I decided to walk up Amsterdam and stop at Roti Plus, an absolutely delightful place that sells Indian-style wraps. Paratha is used, a delicious flat, softish bread that is cooked like a pancake. There are various filling one can get.

Anyway, I had an aloo masala, which is mushed up potato and peas, and also a lamb boti, which is a spicy lamb.

They have a great green, cilantro-based sauce put inside before they are wrapped. It's amazing how versatile cilantro is. In my post yesterday I discussed how it worked with the Columbian food at Las Americas, and certainly cilantro is just as at home in Indian cooking. It all depends how it's used.

So anyway, later in the day I saw 'Zodiac,' the David Fincher film about the string of murders in the Bay area in the 70s. Excellent movie. Interesting from a police procedural genre perspective, but also as an allegory on obsession, which has been noted by many critics. It also comments on the fact that given any situation, particularly one with lots of detail, it is amazingly easy to pick up patterns, whether or not they mean anything - for example, was John Doe the killer? Statistically speaking, patterns (coincidences, you might call them) are bound to emerge, and perhaps the patterns we pick up on arbitrary. Sure, they seem to work sometimes, but there are certainly quite a few unsolved cases floating around.

Maybe someday we will discover better methods for detecting patterns based on clues, and will be be able to solve cases with 100% accuracy.

Or maybe I should shutup.