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Sunday, March 18, 2007

This Blog's Title

This blog is about food and pants. The problem is this: should food or pants come first in the title? I find this to be an impossible problem. Both are extremely important. I know some might say, please, food is more important, without it we would not be here. Yet one of the underlying themes of this blog will be to question age-old assumptions. Most believe that without food we would not exist, but who's to say that without pants we would not exist?

We can sit here all day arguing over what's more important, pants or food? One minute I might think, ah, yes, food is more important. The next minute I might think, ah, yes, pants are more important. I could go back and forth forever. I may go twenty years (God-willing) thinking that pants are more important, and then change my mind and think food is more important for the next twenty. I may go the rest of my life thinking one is more important, and then the moment before my death switch to the other. And in summarizing my life, should one say that the thing I found most important right before my death is the most important, or the thing I counted most valuable for the longer duration?

With this problem, as with most, there is an intellectualizing ad-infinitum that springs forth. One can constantly bring up points and counterpoints and countercounterpoints and so on in defense of either pants or food as the more noble genesis of the title of this blog (nevermind the more noble genesis of reality, for we must remember that this blog is not reality but rather a mirror of it). We can go very deep down the rabbit-hole, indeed.

I tried to do some justice to the importance of both food and pants by having both versions of the ordering, Food & Pants/Pants and Food. But some might say, hey, it should be, 'Pants and Food/Food & Pants.' This is a legitimate point, yet, because of the linear nature of our language, there is no way to have both titles come first. I did consider alternating each day between both titles, but at some point we must simply let go.

In the Zen Buddhism tradition, Zen is not described in any positive fashion. Rather it is described by what it is not. Likewise, in mystical strands of Judaism, God is referred to as Nothing, for it is absurd to describe something so vast using finite human language. In other words, it is better to describe God as Nothing than to say he is good or infinite or wise, because these words, even infinite, limit God.

And so it is with pants and food. They are both the fountain out of which all goodness comes forth, and it would be nice if somehow language was like a circle and there was no beginning or end. That not being the case, I hope the reader will understand that I am in no way emphasizing food over pants or pants over food.

I hope this blog will continue to raise important issues about food and pants (or pants and food) (or food and pants) (or pants and food) Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!